FTI Connext 2022 Networking Event

Nabrio's Experience at the FTI Startup Connext 2022 Networking Event: A Journey of Inspiration and Collaboration

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  • Mathus Thongkerd
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We were thrilled to participate in the FTI Startup Connext 2022 Networking event, an exceptional gathering of remarkable startups and visionaries from various industries. The event was a whirlwind of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration, leaving us invigorated and even more determined to drive our mission forward.


The FTI Startup Connext Networking event hosted a diverse array of startups, each with their own unique stories and groundbreaking ideas. We had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and learn from fellow entrepreneurs in the FTI Connext 2022 Strong Startup group. The event fostered a collaborative atmosphere, allowing us to explore potential partnerships and areas of collaboration to amplify our collective impact.

The opportunity to present our own creative solutions and get insightful criticism from professionals in the field was one of the event's highlights. We were able to network with potential collaborators and customers, further solidifying our commitment to making a positive difference in the world.


Without a doubt, the relationships we forged and the lessons we discovered will influence our future endeavours. We are more driven than ever to keep pushing the limits of innovation, using technology to address major global issues, and making a significant difference in people's lives and communities.

We want to thank the Federation of Thai Industries once more for giving us such a wonderful platform to connect, educate ourselves, and be inspired. We will always have a special place in our hearts for the FTI Startup Connext event because it is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and a growth engine.


Please join us on this exciting journey of innovation and cooperation. Keep checking back for updates on our development, upcoming collaborations, and the game-changing solutions we are creating. Let's set out on a path of development, exploration, and mutual success together.


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Mathus Thongkerd

Founder & CEO

2 December 2022

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